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BackupBand.net is not your typical online recording service.  Jimmy Stofer (bass) and Nate Barnes (drums) started this site to connect artists and producers with a professional rhythm section and deliver top notch tracks recorded in a full time professional studio.  Combined, Stofer and Barnes have 30+ years experience and have played with such artists as Pete Townshend, John Mayer, Warren Haynes, The Fray, Leslie West, Rose Hill Drive, Flobots, Cary Brothers, and many more.

We specialize in Full Online Rhythm Section Production.  Collaborating via the internet poses a unique set of challenges- being in different parts of the world requires extra communication and preparation to ensure that the finished product has the same cohesive feel of a recording done together in the same room at the same time.  BackupBand.net has found a way to overcome these challenges and minimize the differences, resulting in a natural, organic, seamless final product.  Once we start a project with you we are an open book for communication and are available to discuss and work out every last detail.  We can communicate via email as well as Skype voice chat, and will record a preliminary demo track after discussion for your feedback and approval.  This way, we can iron out the details of each part of the tune and make sure you know exactly what you are going to get performance wise before the final recording.  We even offer the option to sit in on the actual session via Skype to give feedback in real time.

We track in a full time commercial recording facility and charge a flat, affordable, per track rate so you don’t have to deal with paying good players, an engineer, and a studio by the hour for sessions that can often take much longer than expected.  We know how important our client’s projects are to them and our goal is to bring their musical vision to fruition at an affordable price while collaborating online with a top session rhythm section.

Check out our Studios page for full details on gear and recording process, as well as our Details and Services page for more detailed descriptions, and give our session examples a listen.  We think you’ll find that BackupBand.net is the best place on the internet to affordably bring your project to life with professionally engineered and performed rhythm section tracks.